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Items in Lineage II

There are many different armor and weapon types in Lineage II. An item's type is not the same thing as their Grade. Below are explanations of all weapon and armor types and where they can be found.


Most items acquired from quests and monsters are Unidentified. The item’s name is displayed, but not its quality level. It cannot be equipped or altered with enchantments. It can be traded, dropped, and sold. To use an item, a character must double-click on the Unidentified item. The Unidentified item then changes into a Bound, Standard, or Blessed item at random. The four item conditions have different conditions and restrictions.

    1. Bound

    The item is bound to the character who obtained it. It cannot be traded, mailed, dropped, or sold to other characters, but can be sold to NPC shops. It can be enchanted, augmented, and given special abilities and attributes. R-grade Bound items can be converted into Standard items by using Unbind Scrolls sold by special NPCs or acquired from certain raid bosses. However, a Bound item cannot be unbound if it has been augmented. All other alterations made to a Bound item (enchantment, special abilities, attributes, and armor set effects) remain with the item when it is converted to a Standard item. Bound items can also be converted into Standard items through the Blacksmith of Mammon. Bound items cannot be turned into PvP items.

    2. Standard

    The item can be traded, dropped, and sold. It can be enchanted, augmented, and given special abilities and attributes.

    3. Blessed

    The item can be traded, dropped, and sold. It can be enchanted, augmented, and given special abilities and attributes. Blessed items get the highest stat boost when enchanted.

Superior Weapons & Armor

Superior weapons, armor, and accessories are crafted by Dwarves and dropped by Raid Bosses. These items can be enchanted, augmented, or enhanced. When a Dwarf happens to create two weapons, armor pieces, or accessories from one set of materials, Superior weapons, armor, and accessories are the type of item that are created.

Foundation Weapons

Foundation Weapons are crafted by Dwarves, but they are not equippable until they have been refined by the Blacksmith of Mammon and turned into a Masterwork Weapon.

Masterwork Weapons

Masterwork Weapons are Foundation Weapons that have been refined by the Blacksmith of Mammon. These weapons have a special added effect that Superior Weapons do not have. Masterwork Weapons can be enchanted, augmented, or enhanced.

Weapon & Armor Grades

Many Lineage II items have different levels, known as grades, that relate to your character's level. As you level up, your item grade classification changes. You must be within a certain level range and have the appropriate armor grade Expertise passive skill to wear specific weapon and armor grades and gain their full benefits. You can equip weapons and armor that are higher than your level range allows, but there is a penalty associated with doing so. Below is a list of the weapon and armor grades, and the level ranges associated with them.
No Grade: Level 1
D Grade: Level 20
C Grade: Level 40
B Grade: Level 52
A Grade: Level 61
S Grade: Level 76
S80 Grade: Level 80
R Grade: Level 85
R95 Grade: Level 95
R99 Grade: Level 99

Characters must use equipment suitable for their level. If your character tries to use a weapon or armor item that is higher than your character's grade, your character will suffer various penalties to movement speed or attack. If your character uses items that are lower than your character's grade, your character will not gain the advantages that you need.

Equipping Items

To equip an item such as a weapon, a piece of armor, or an accessory, open your inventory (Tab or ALT+V) and double-click the equipment you want your character to wear. To unequip an item, drag it from your character preview window back to the inventory or right-click it.

You can improve the stats on weapons and armor by using enchant scrolls on them, such as Scroll: Enchant Weapon or Scroll: Enchant Armor. These scrolls are grade-specific.


Adena is the currency of Lineage II. When your character kills a monster, items and Adena fall to the ground and the cursor turns into a hand-shaped icon to show that you can pick them up. Your character can also receive Adena as rewards for completing quests. You can use your inventory window to view the items and Adena your character has.

Soulshots and Spiritshots

Soulshots and Spiritshots are items that allow you to boost your character's attack power and magic power instantly. Soulshots increase physical attack power and are suited to fighter characters. Spiritshots and Blessed Spiritshots increase magical attack power and are suited to mystic characters who cast spells.

With each hit of your character's weapon or spell, shots are consumed. You can set up shots to be automatically applied to every hit by dragging the Soulshot or Spiritshot icon from your inventory to the shortcut bar and right-clicking the icon. When you see a reflective animation on the icon, you know that the automatic usage mode is applied.

There are different shots for different item grades. A weapon can only use shots for its grade. You may purchase shots from a vendor NPC or obtain them through crafting.[b]


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